5 Ways I’m Celebrating Black History Month

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Black History Month started this week, and I’m excited to honor the month by taking part in some inspiring readings, events, and exhibits.

Here’s how I’m celebrating:

1. Reading Patsy: A Novel

This acclaimed novel by bestselling author Nicole Dennis-Benn follows the moving story of a Jamaican woman who begins a new life in New York City. I also plan to attend this conversation with Dennis-Benn about the book, organized by some students, faculty, and staff at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

2. Listening to NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts

NPR celebrates Black History Month with performances by Black artists from the Tiny Desk archives and its weekly curated playlists, highlighting different genres and generations. I’m looking forward to the concerts they’re offering each week!

3. Exploring the Smithsonian collection

The Smithsonian is offering a number of online workshops and tours throughout February. I’m particularly interested in the virtual chats led by the docents from the African American History and Culture Museum.

4. Learning about Black history and culture with the New York Public Library

I’ll be joining some of the virtual workshops, discussions, and readings organized by the New York Public Library this month, starting with this fascinating talk on activism and scholarship in Black New York.

5. Visiting Black History Month-themed exhibits around New York City

There’s a huge number of in-person Black History Month events, many for free, around New York City. I’m planning to make it out to the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park to view the photo exhibit The NYC Parks Renaming Project: Celebrating Black Leaders.

If you’re in New York City, here’s a list of some other great goings-on around the city compiled by NYC. Go.

That’s my list so far! How will you be honoring Black History Month?




Interim Dean at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies @cunysps

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Jorge Silva Puras

Jorge Silva Puras

Interim Dean at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies @cunysps

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